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Yelp Review From Gloria M. 08/16/17

I broke my wrist in January and six months later traditional Physical Therapy was yielding minimal results. I was really scared that I would never have full use of my right hand and wrist again. I decided to take my healing into my own hands and found Definition Sports Massage on Yelp. BEST decision ever. I made more progress after only three sessions with Andrew than three months of PT. He is professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. The deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue and allowed me to regain so much more flexibility in my wrist. Andrew was awesome. It was hard work for both of us, but I can honestly say that Andrew was not only my therapist, but my coach and friend. I'm almost back 100% and I truly owe that to the work he did. Thank you!!! 

Yelp Review From Julian D. 06/26/17

Eli is amazing, thank you for making a house call and fixing me up. It was totally needed and as cliche as it sounds I feel like a new man! 

Yelp Review From Sal C. 05/17/19

 Fred was our guy. He seemed very knowledgeable about my boyfriend injuries and what needed to be done to get him better. We did the happy hour 60 minute massage, cupping, metal scraping and cyro. Fred was very strong and tended to all the knots and tight muscles. My boyfriend plans to go back a few times a month. 

Google Review From Brandon Craig

 OK, we have to get clear with each other- this company advertises themselves as Sport's Massage and if you are like most people, you likely don't know what it is they mean.  As I see it, this company is focused on helping people who are committed to getting and being healthy.  The owner and his staff are talented and use many different techniques to produce an incredible result.  I was most impressed and wouldn't leave without setting up my next appointment.  If you are a person who is committed to getting the most out of your body, found yourself dealing with current or old injuries, or just know there is a possibility that you could feel better, I encourage you to give these guys a chance to serve you.  I live out of state and will be coming back to them in two weeks given the experience I had and knowing what else I have found that is out there.  Be blessed-btc 

Facebook Review From Carrie R. 07/31/17

These guys really know what they are doing and want their clients to feel better. If you lift it's a must that you see them. I recommend them to all my clients.  

Google Review From Carla R.

Facility was what I expected, HOWEVER....the customer service was awesome!!! The therapists are super knowledgeable and great! I would definitely recommend and would definitely be booking another appointment. FYI super kid friendly, I booked 2 massages for my kids who practice multiple times a week and this place definitely relaxed their muscles and they loved it!